Alvars Oy

Alvars Ltd. is Finnish engineering company founded in 2007. Our core areas of expertise are innovative design project services; product development, project deliveries, and advanced design process solutions according to our customers’ needs.

Our strength lies in project management from scratch to production. Our resources provide efficient design services and solutions. For our customers, the quality of the provided service reflects as an improved efficiency and productivity.


Our backround

Our roots are in the shipbuilding industry. Since 2010 we have actively widened our focus to other industrial fields; for example: machine building, electric and process industry. This expansion is a result of our improved skills and capability to combine the use of our knowledge, experience and state-of-the art design tools. Nowadays our services are suitable for many industrial fields.

Since the very beginning, Alvars Ltd. has offered high-quality modelling-based and parametric design services to meet the needs of the industry. Using state-of-the-art design tools and software, we provide design services in a purely 3D environment. Modelling-based design makes it possible to manage much larger volume of high quality data, which enhances design flexibility.

Through numerous projects, we have gained a high level of expertise in design methodology, modelling and configuration tools, thus allowing us to expand our offering beyond design projects to also include development services. As a result, we can improve our customers’ productivity permanently and increase their revenue.