Engineering services

Engineering services

Our project design services cover mechanical design, structural engineering (analytical and FE analysis). Management of demanding construction projects and our innovative solutions have made us an invaluable partner in business.

Modularization of product design procedures bring cost savings and improved productivity in either mass production or individual project deliveries.

You can get real added value by using us! 

Mechanical design

We offer mechanical design from a concept to a complete manufacturing documentation.
We have Experience with:
• Steel Structures and components
• Mechanical equipment
• Special purpose design
Manufacturing methods: Sheet metal, Weldments, Casting, Machining, Pipe routing

Documentation ranges from simple feasibility reports to complete manufacturing documentation plus, if required, additional service and usability manuals.

Structural analysis

We use modern FEA software as well as classic analytical methods to provide the following structural analyses of your products/constructions: Static linear and non-linear, Dynamic.
Software used; SolidWorks analysis and MIDAS NFX

The results of our work are compiled into reports, which can be used for client approval or classification purpose.