Privacy policy 

1. Registry administrator 

Alvars Ltd (2098611-0), Kreetankuja 2, 21200 Raisio, Finland 

2. Contact information 

office(a), +35850 4427 272 

3. Name of the register and registered subjects 

Sales and marketing register of Alvars Ltd. The register contains information about representatives of potential customer companies and partners. 

4. Purpose of use and legal basis 

Personal data is processed for the purpose of selling and marketing Alvars Oy’s services and conducting business relations. Legal basis for handling the data is company’s right to market, operate and develop business services. 

Technically collected information regarding the use of the website can be used in business planning, improving the user experience of the website, and performing various marketing analyzes. 

5. Content and data sources of the register 

The register contains the following or some of the following information regarding the registered: first name, last name, email address, phone number, title, name of the company and information regarding the content of contact. The information is obtained directly from the person or from public sources, such as the company’s website or other marketing material. 

We use cookies to develop our website and business. Technically collected information is analyzed using the Google Analytics tool. Alvars Oy Kreetankuja 2, FI-21200 Raisio 2/2 

6. Transferring data outside EU and to third parties 

In email marketing, we use Mailchimp platform, which may in some cases store personal data on servers outside the EU. More information about Mailchimp’s Privacy policy: 

Registered personal data is not disclosed to third parties. 

7. Storage times for personal data 

Data is stored no longer than it is necessary for its purpose. Out of date, incorrect and unnecessary data will be removed from the registry. 

8. Data protection 

Persons working with the registry have personal usernames and passwords for the registry. Visibility of data can be limited to spesific usernames if necessary. The data network is protected by firewall and appropriate antivirus protection. 

9. Rights of the registered 

The registered person has the right to request from the registry administrator, in accordance with applicable legislation, access to data concerning him or her, the right to oppose the processing or to request rectification, removal or restriction of processing. In addition, the registered subject has the right to appeal to the supervisory authority if the registered subject considers that the administrator has not processed personal data in accordance with data protection laws. 

10. Privacy policy updating 

This Privacy policy can be updated if needed. 

Last update January 7th 2019.