Seafastening design

Transportation of heavy & oversized sea cargo requires careful planning and customized solutions for securing the cargo. For many years, our engineering team has assisted in demanding project cargo transportations in hi-tech areas of seafastening. When the cargo needs customized solutions during transport, we are there to help.

Typical WORK SCOPE for project transportations include

  • Cargo arrangement
  • Design and calculations of the sea fastening elements
  • Strength analysis of the transporting vessel
  • Verification of load-in & load-out
  • Summary report for transportation manual

We offer our customer the necessary support to make sure the cargo can be delivered safely and according to regulations. Safety of the crew and cargo is our top priority!

As a REFERENCE for successful co-operation, we have over seven years of experience in sea fastening design for special cargo transportations such as:

  • Prefabricated blocks of ship hulls
  • Offshore modules & platforms
  • Monopiles
  • Tower structures
  • Drum sections
  • Other specialized parts

Related services

In addition to sea fastening design, we offer a range of services related to the whole process of getting the cargo safely to its destination.

Our team has experience on HEAVY LIFT ANALYSIS of prefabricated ship hull blocks and lifting arrangements for large glass structures during transport. Scope of work can be:

  • Lifting arrangement according to crane, gantry or other equipment
  • Calculations to ensure the sustainability of cargo during lifting
  • Instructions for lifting / lift analysis report

We have also designed MODULAR RAMP SOLUTIONS for our customers to get the cargo easily to vessel: 

  • Design of modular ramp elements to link the quay and ship deck to roll the cargo onboard
  • Modular ramp is a cargo handling equipment that is easy to move, store and modify.