Other design services

In addition to our two main areas of expertise, we offer other design and engineering services based on customer needs. Our main goal is to solve problems and help our customers succeed.

With our years of experience designing various onboard structures and other maritime projects, the customer can be sure we offer functional and durable solutions – the designs meet the standards and are compatible with the environment.

Product development

We have successfully carried out many challenging product development projects starting from concept and leading all the way to production and installation. Our strongest expertise in product development is various maritime solutions, such as coupling and gripping devices.

Development of Pushpin® ATB  (Articulated Tug and Barge) coupling system is an excellent example of our product development work. Over the years, the system has been utilised in various functions, for example, to connect a removable icebreaker bow and a pusher tug. Pushpin® improves barge control and makes it possible to operate even in the more demanding weather conditions.

Another excellent example of our product development work is a docking solution for wind farm vessels. The Gripper forms a firm mechanical connection between the vessel and wind turbine tower during maintenance work. The development project included design and structural analysis work from the conceptual level to the final manufactured prototype. We were also responsible for vessel integration design of the equipment.

In addition to the marine industry, our product development expertise is well suited for the needs of machine and equipment manufacturers in several different industries. We can react fast to changing customer needs, and by working in close communication with the customer, we achieve excellent results.

Deck outfitting

Our deck outfitting projects have included designing various stairs, railings and balconies for cruise ships. 3D model-based design ensures the compatibility and functionality of the structures. In addition, our models are flexible and allow us to make last-minute changes.

One of our largest deck outfitting projects has been designing the outdoor and indoor balconies for the Symphony of the Seas cruise ship. Around sixty different balcony configurations were designed during the project, and all the elements were fitted to the ship’s structure.

Cruise ship interior design

Interior areas of cruise ships include impressive architectural designs and their implementation requires wide-ranging design knowledge. We work in close communication with all the parties combining architectural drawings, the needs of the customer and our technical knowledge to create unique and functional end-results. The rendered images and animations illustrate the designs visually, helping the customer in decision-making during the whole project.

Our services can include, for example, mechanical design, strength analysis, installation plans and rendered images of the design. Through our network, we can also offer projects on turnkey-basis.